Opportunity Council Internships

How do I acquire an intern at Opportunity Council?

Step 1: Create an internship posting

Please use this template to create your internship posting. Once this is completed, please email the document to genevieve_quigley@oppco.org.

Step 2: Candidates Apply

We post your opening on our site, and candidates apply online here. Once we receive internship applications, those will be forwarded to you. Ideally, you would also advertise your position to your network so you can get more candidates.

Step 3: Interview candidates

It will be your responsibility to decide who you would like to interview for the internship. You may conduct interviews via phone, Zoom, or in person. You can schedule and conduct as many interviews as you choose.

Step 4: Select your intern

Once you select your intern, please notify me at genevieve_quigley@oppco.org and let your intern know to expect an email from me. I will contact them to send them the required paperwork and complete the background checks. I will notify you once that is completed.

Step 5: Fill out the New Intern Form

Please fill out this form so I can make the needed preparations.

Step 6: Prepare for the first day!

Make sure you discuss with your intern when and where to meet you on their first day, and make sure all the necessary preparations have been made with IS and HR. Also, make sure you have a computer ready if needed. If you are not sure if everything is complete, contact me at genevieve_quigley@oppco.org

Step 7: What to do when the internship is completed?

Once the internship is completed, please notify me as soon as possible. This is so we can make sure to deactivate any emails or permissions associated with this intern.

Thank you!