Register Your Organization

When you become a Partner Agency, you open the doors to Volunteers discovering your agency, your mission, and your volunteer opportunities to help meet critical needs in this place we call home. The Volunteer Center is the most recognized and trusted organization in Whatcom County when it comes to volunteering.

Become a partner agency in 2 steps:

  1. Create A Personal Profile

First create a profile as a Volunteer so that you have a Login and Password

The person who creates a personal volunteer profile will become the agency manager. Additional agency managers can be added at a later time, but each manager must have their own volunteer profile. Contact us to set up additional agency managers.

  1. Create your Agency Account

Second, after you have created your volunteer profile, go here to register your agency. Read the Terms and Conditions for partners and complete the preliminary Agency Sign Up. Once you’ve completed this, we’ll review the information, and notify you of your agency approval. Then you can add photos, videos, and start listing volunteer opportunities.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the many benefits that Get Connected can bring to your agency. Call our office at 360-734-3055 or email us at