Volunteer Timesheets

Monthly Timesheets

How do I count these hours? Your service hours begin from the time you leave your home, not just the time that you spend with your client. It is the total of the time that you set aside for your service.

As you record your hours, please keep track (to the nearest quarter hour) of the time you assist your client with each direct service task.

The total number of volunteer hours are reported to the State of Washington, enabling the Volunteer Chore Program to access the allocated funds to help pay for the program.

Mileage Reimbursement

All volunteers can be reimbursed upon request for mileage for transporting a client, for using their car to provide a service to a client, and for transportation to and from the client’s home.

Please submit your mileage reimbursement request on your timesheet by end of each month. The rate of reimbursement is variable and can change year to year. Refer to the Chore Specialist for current rates.

See below for an example for how to fill out your timesheet