Welcome To the Volunteer Chore Program

What Do We Do?

The Volunteer Chore Program is a network of volunteers from churches, senior centers, and student and community groups coordinated through The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County and the Opportunity Council to provide no-fee chore services to low-income seniors and disabled adults.

The Volunteer Chore Program provides assistance to disabled adults and persons over 60 so that they may remain independent in own homes. The Volunteer Chore Program provides services where other programs cannot.

Needs of Our Clients

We all have basic needs such as essential transportation, shopping, household cleaning, laundry, yard work, household maintenance and repairs, communications, and moving assistance.

Clients of the Volunteer Chore Program have these same needs, but often find it difficult to meet them independently. Your assistance with meeting these needs offers clients the chance to remain independent and in their own homes.


Clients are expected to provide their own supplies and materials. The Volunteer Chore Program has some tools and supplies that can be used by volunteers providing Chore services. Some of the supplies available are:

  • Weeding Tools
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Rakes and Shovels

These supplies are available to be checked out from the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County during regular business hours. Please arrange a pickup with the Program Specialist.

Volunteer Matching

The Volunteer Chore Program provides volunteers to assist clients with chores, either on an on-going or a one-time basis.

The Volunteer Chore Program Specialist is notified of a client in need, contacts that person in order to get specific information about his or her chore needs, conceives of a potential match, and calls you, the volunteer, to offer a prospective client. If you are able to fill this particular need, you are given the confidential information and can then call your client to schedule a time to meet and assist them.

Any concerns you may have can be shared with the Volunteer Chore Program Specialist. If you are unable to fulfill your client’s needs or are unavailable, please let the Volunteer Chore Program Specialist know so that other arrangements can be made.