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Vision: Everyone in Whatcom County can contribute to and gain from volunteerism to meet community needs and build community vibrancy.

Mission: The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County mobilizes volunteers to meet community needs, builds capacities of organizations to effectively engage volunteers, and inspires support for community service.

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A personal letter to Abby, Program Director, at The Volunteer Center from a CHORE recipient. Thought we'd share.

I wish I could say "insert usual praise here" but such is not the case. Michael, Devon, the young gentleman studying to be a nurse, the lady who tolerated my bad day, Alicia, and now, ANGELS! You just keep outdoing yourself in finding excellent people!

And these ladies were EXCELLENT beyond measure! I've never had anybody dust the boxes of tea as they were putting them back on the shelf! I've never had anyone offer to take the rugs out and shake them, then get down on her hands and knees because she said the vacuum cleaner missed some things. My kitchen sinks haven't been this clean since I moved in!!! And they wanted to do more!

This time I was moved to tears. These ladies gave so freely, so willingly, so enthusiastically! And you! As one social worker put it, you have a marvellous, almost uncanny ability to match the right people.

I'm close to tears again, so I'll stop. Thank you, Abby, and thanks to those two angels!
(from a CHORE recipient)
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Washington State volunteer centers and connector organizations have engaged in an extensive process assessing the future of volunteering and service in our state, creating the Washington Serves plan.  Join our campaign to support volunteerism. Just sign on in support of the plan and help galvanize Washington State to invest in volunteering and service.


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