Partner with The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County

When you become a Partner Agency, you open the doors to Volunteers discovering your agency, your mission, and your volunteer opportunities to help meet critical needs in this place we call home. The Volunteer Center is the most recognized and trusted organization in Whatcom County when it comes to volunteering.

Become a Partner Agency

We've simplified it.  Click on the two icons below:
1. Create Personal Profile First create a profile as a Volunteer so that you have a Login and Password.

2. Request Agency Setup

Second, after you have created your profile for yourself (not your Agency), go here to read the Terms and Conditions of an Agency Setup and complete the preliminary Agency Setup.  Once you've completed this, we'll review the information, and notify you of your agency approval. 
That’s it. We’ll set up a framework for your organization and notify you when it is active.
The person who created a personal volunteer profile with a login and password will become the agency manager and can then start creating a complete Profile of the "agency”.  Add photos, videos, and start listing volunteer opportunities. We can show you (either by visiting your agency or over the telephone) the many benefits that Get Connected can bring to your agency. 
Quality of Volunteers and Partner Agencies

The Terms and Conditions is important so that we can assure volunteers that our partner agencies understand and have agreed to abide by the provisions of this document. 

To get your questions answered about the Terms and Conditions, please call our office at 360-734-3055 or email us at
We look forward to partnering with your organization to make a difference in the lives of people in Whatcom County. The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County joins with hundreds of partners in our community to bring effective service to our community in order to help meet critical community needs.

Benefits as a Partner Agency

  1. Post Volunteer Opportunities, events, in-kind needs and employment opportunities.(via Get Connected,the online volunteer opportunity system)
  2. Get Connected Training can be provided to you for things like setting up your agency profile and posting effective volunteer opportunities that elicit high responses
  3. Connect you with Group Project Requests by businesses, church groups, and civic groups
  4. Receive training and resources on volunteer management
  5. Match you with highly qualified volunteers through our info sessions and volunteer training.
  6. Highlight your volunteer opportunities in our Hot Sheet that goes out to 8,000 volunteers
  7. Stay current on trending and relevant volunteer issues and training, and community needs through our e-newsletters and other communications
  8. Let us help you coordinate group volunteer projects for Make a Difference Day in October and National Volunteer Week in April
  9. Celebrate and honor your volunteers. Nominate them for Volunteers with Heart Award and give them great peer networks through Cheers for Volunteers
  10. Join us in special training opportunities that we offer exclusively to partner agencies.
  11. Track Volunteer hours with our easy to use online timesheet creates less work for the Volunteer Coordinator and helps to:
    • track total volunteer hours invested and attaches a dollar figure to each volunteer hour,
    • which can be used in grant applications and
    • is a selling point to volunteers wishing to document their volunteer contribution in hours and dollars;
    • offers the ability for volunteers to access/print a volunteer resume;
    • can track folks who’ve signed up to volunteer for an event,
    • keep their hours, and info may be exported to Excel.

Your Agreement as a Partner Agency

As a partner of The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, you agree to:
  • Respond to volunteer inquiries in a timely manner (within 48 hours)
  • If you do not have adequate volunteer liability insurance, provide a copy of your waiver that discloses this to volunteers.
  • Practice ethical decision-making and core competencies in volunteer administration
  • Have a non-discrimination policy in place
  • Not replace paid workers with volunteers. 


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